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Wit Enterprises Pte Ltd is Singapore CCTV Surveillance Company that specialised in CCTV Security and Network Solution since 2003.

We are also capable of support and troubleshoot different brand of CCTV Surveillance solution. It includes Panasonic CCTV, Samsung CCTV, Avtech CCTV, KOW CCTV and many others.

CCTV Singapore

IP Network Camera - 360 Degree Camera
CCTV Singapore CCTV Singapore
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IP Network Camera - Cloud Solution
Generally, IP network camera is used for general CCTV Surveillance purpose. For recording, it can be recorded to Micro SD or recorded through Network Video Recorder.
With the state-of-art, our new KOW-717HD and KOW-727HD have the capability to push the video to DropBox Cloud. In another words, as long as the IP Network Camera is connected to internet, the video is pushed to the Dropbox Cloud. User with the correct login, will be able to download from Dropbox Cloud and Playback anywhere any place at any time.
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CCTV Singapore

CCTV SingaporeWhat is 4 Channel, 8 Channel, 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder?
CCTV SingaporeHow to make the right choice for Digital Video Recorder?
CCTV SingaporeWhat is CCTV Analog Camera?
CCTV SingaporeHow to make the right choice for CCTV Camera?
CCTV SingaporeWhat is different between IP Camera and CCTV Solution?
CCTV SingaporeTry our DEMO using 'SmartViewerPro' application (iPhone / Android Phone)

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CCTV Solution IP Camera Solution Time Attendance Solution
CCTV Solution IP Camera Solution IP Camera Solution
Video Door Phone RFID Reader Data Convertor
Video Door Phone IP Camera Solution Data Convertor
What is 4 Channel, 8 Channel, 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder?
In general, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has 4 Channels, 8 Channels and 16 Channels. Each channel is used to receive video signal from the CCTV camera.
In another words, 4 Channel DVR can be used to receive up to 4 pcs of CCTV Cameras. 8 Channel DVR can be used to receive up to 8 pcs of CCTV Cameras. 16 Channel DVR can be used to receive up to 16 pcs of CCTV Cameras.
You have a choice not to use all the channel.

How to make the right choice?
There are many different type of 4, 8 and 16 Channel DVR available in the market. Making the wrong selection, you may end up with buying another one. The price will vary according to
* features,
* software interface,
* country of develeped/manufacture,
* processor
* form factor,
* recording resolution and frame rate.
For first time user, please go to DVR Summary Selection.

CCTV Solution Overview
CCTV Singapore Surveillance Solution

What is different between IP Camera and CCTV Solution?
Each IP Network Camera is built-in with network capabilities. It is just like computer has a network connection. Since it has the network interface (wired or wireless), it can be connected directly to the wireless or wired switch/router.
If you required recording, then you will have to get a Network Video Recorder to do the job. Alternatively, you can install IP Camera Software in a PC or workstation, from which you will be able to recorder the footage in a PC or workstation. In another word, you are using a PC or workstation as a Network Video Recorder.
However, you will require a good switch to perforem the video recording. From the diagram below, you will notice that if the number of cameras increase, there will be a bottleneck at a network switch. You will require a fast switch to perform video streaming and recording

IP Network Camera Solution Overview
IP Network CCTV Camera Solution

How to access DEMO using 'Mobileviewer2' application?

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To access CCTV Demo through Android, please install 'mobileviewer2' app To access CCTV Demo through iPhone, please install 'mobileviewer2' app.
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Singapore CCTV

This is a Singapore Live HD-SDI CCTV Camera.
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